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Style 2085
Style 2085
Style 2085

Style 2085

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MSRP: $52

Minimum Order Quantity: 6 Units/color

If you like the fit of our leggings and like to feel free while you get your sweat on, these pants are made for you. The name says it all. We took our  Yoga Pant and applied a next-to-nothing feel fabric. Don't mistake this smooth, light weight fabric as lesser. It’s a tight knit fabric that wears well while keeping you covered. 

If you like soft fabric that offers the most compression, this is the fabric for you. It is comprised of 90% Nylon 10% Spandex with a smooth soft finish. It is great for yoga, running, and other training activities. We would be careful wearing it to Hot Yoga. It may be on the heavy side for that type of warmth. Don't let the softness fool you. This fabric keeps its shape over time, very breathable, and wicks away moisture.

Fabric: Swift Knit

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Non-Slip Leggings & Non-Roll Waistbands

Not all waistbands are created equal. It takes a lot of factors for a waistband to fit right, stay in place and to not roll. Through our manufacturing experience and endless testing we have created one of the best waistbands on the market. Here is how we do it: 

1- Correct Fabric Grain

2- The Shape

3- Precision Fabric Cutting

4- Top Stitch Tension

5- Side Finishings

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Made in our own factory in the USA