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Private Label

Use our already existing patterns as your platform.  We are able to make minor adjustments and customizations to our patterns to bring you a unique product with little upfront costs. No set up or development costs, only sample fees. Minimums for Private Label could range from 12-100 units depending on fabric type and product. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions. We make this process as simple and flexible as possible. Email:


Our Philosophy:


Everything starts with your vision.  It's your brand, your style, your feel.  We are here to help you bring it to life. We strive to have an understanding of your vision so we can effectively private label your products, sample designs, and deliver a product that sets you up for success.


Every brand or business has different volumes they need to cater to.  Luckily, our production process is here to grow with you.  Whether starting small or jumping right into high volume we want to develop a relationship and process that delivers the right volume at the right time.


The design process is guided by your vision.  During the design process we will create samples by private labeling and customizing products from our product library. We believe in speed to market and that starts with the speed of the design process.

Technical Design

This is one of our specialties.  We've created a unique manufacturing language that allows our manufacturing, sampling and labeling process to be fast.  Our technical design happens all behind the scenes while we finaliz your designs.

Small Batches

Once all the leg work is done, we begin our small batch process.  It's the opposite of how the rest of the industry wants to produce but we have close to perfected it.