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Non-Slip Non-Roll Waistband

Not all waistbands are created equal. It takes a lot of factors for a waistband to fit right, stay in place and to not roll. Through our manufacturing experience and endless testing we have created one of the best waistbands on the market. Here is how we do it:

1- Correct Fabric Grain

All fabric has specific grain that runs up and down the fabric. The key to having a waistband fit snug and stay snug is to have that grain running across your body versus up and down.


2- Shape

After years of testing we have perfected the shape of our waistband. It is designed to contour to your body at every point.


3- Precision Cutting

What good are the first two steps if we can't execute precision dimensions. We have top of the line fabric cutters who have mastered the art of waistband cuts.


4- Top Stitch Tension

The very first stitch we do to the waistband is the stitch that ends up being on the very top of the band. In order to create a waistband that doesn't make it feel restricting and too tight but also not too loose and saggy, the tension of the thread needs to be just right.


5- Side Finishings

We finish up all of our waistbands by creating stitches down the sides. This is the last and final step. These stitches give the bands substance to keep their shape and stay up.


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