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Style 2090
Style 2090
Style 2090
Style 2090
Style 2090
Style 2090

Style 2090

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Minimum Order Quantity: 6 Units/color


Our classic fit with a wet-look finish. Perfect for hitting the town.

This fabric is extremely unique where it will give you that next-to-nothing (naked) feel but will make you feel fully covered. It is a medium weight fabric but just as tight knit as any fabric on the market. That's what makes it so unique. This fabric will have more stretch than our Soft Flex and Sweat Fab fabrics. Made of 82% Nylon 18% spandex it is perfect for Vinyasa Yoga, Hot Yoga, running and another most other sweatier workouts. Since it's release, this fabric has quickly become our number one selling fabric.

Fabric: Sweat Fab

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Non-Slip Leggings & Non-Roll Waistbands

Not all waistbands are created equal. It takes a lot of factors for a waistband to fit right, stay in place and to not roll. Through our manufacturing experience and endless testing we have created one of the best waistbands on the market. Here is how we do it: 

1- Correct Fabric Grain

2- The Shape

3- Precision Fabric Cutting

4- Top Stitch Tension

5- Side Finishings

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Made in our own factory in the USA